Over a century ago, Emmert Wolf famously quipped, ‘A man is only as good as his tools.’ Having the right tools for the job will certainly make you more productive and more efficient. And the quality of your equipment is key when it comes to providing safe, strong and quality product. This new financial year take stock of your tools and invest in durable and functional items made specifically for professionals of the food service and food processing industries.

Kitchen Shears

A pair of strong kitchen shears are a butcher’s best friend when it comes to quick and accurate cutting. Perfect for use in food processing like poultry retailers, a pair of kitchen shears should be reliable and made for all-purpose use. They should be made from a strong material such as stainless steel so that they can better withstand heavy-duty cleaning and general multi-purpose use.

Square Tip Turner

Everyone working in the food processing industry is familiar with a turner. A square tip turner is ideal when it comes to lifting and flipping food items with ease. An ideal turner has a durable handle to withstand heavy use and a broad flat head, making it easy and efficient to use during food handling. Turners come in a variety of sizes, so save time and ensure quality by making sure you have the right on for the job.

Angle Blade Scrapers

When made from durable material such as stainless steel, a quality angle blade scraper enables you to remove pulp from surfaces, clean down surfaces before wiping at the end of the day, and remove fibres lodged in any creases. They should be made from stainless steel to ensure proper food handling standards are maintained. A quality angle blade scraper is an ideal tool for anyone working in fresh produce, meat wholesale and smallgoods processing.

Honing Steels

A good honing steel should be specifically designed for use in retail butcher shops, abattoirs and meat wholesale. By honing the edge of the blade, they eliminate any curling that may occur. They should be durable and perform perfectly to smooth and revive blade edges and allow for precision cutting. Honing your knives will make them more accurate, while also reducing mis-cuts and injuries. They are an essential tool when it comes to maximising the cutting features of a quality knife.

All these different tools can be used by retail butchers or smallgoods processers, in meat wholesale or fresh produce, and effect the final display and quality of your products. Tools made from materials such as stainless steel leave no room for microorganisms to hide on their surface and ensures hygiene and quality standards. That’s why it’s important to be prepared by having a quality range of durable, functional and efficient tools by your side.