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The assorted funk of food waste, the body odours that fill a busy establishment, the miasma rising from drains, the smell of deskside bins and the ‘interesting’ scents coming out of bathrooms – the way our workplace smells is something we’re all sensitive to. And yet, whether through embarrassment or squeamishness, it’s not something we often talk about.

In reality, it should be an important consideration for any business, as smells can affect the atmosphere of a workplace in a wide-ranging set of ways, from influencing staff mood to inspiring greater productivity. And if you are serving the public, it can have an impact on your bottom line. At least 59% of Australians say they are less likely to spend money at a business when confronted by an unpleasant smell.

Unsurprisingly, one culprit is bathrooms (more than three quarters of Australians say the first thing they notice when they walk into a bathroom is how it smells.) But the issue of odours in the workplace isn’t confined to the bathroom – and nor is it simply about avoiding bad smells.

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SKU: KWH17/5.

In fact, research has linked the increased satisfaction and wellbeing of staff to being exposed to aromas that they like, and that includes at their desks or in communal office kitchens.

So how do you neutralise some smells and promote others to make employees happier or customers more likely to return?

There are a host of odour-control products available from Bunzl’s to help you stay on top of any aroma, whether as a result of food, waste, bathrooms, bodies, chemicals or even perfumes. Odour neutralisers and chemicals are essential in bathrooms, while air fresheners will help promote a healthy and happy workplace in shared office spaces.

So, if you’ve noticed a wrong note on the nose at your business recently, it’s time to have that conversation – and do something about it.