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r-MicroLife is the first recycled cleaning cloth from Oates®. The cloth is made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester and available in four colours. The recycled cleaning cloth is effective and sustainable. It provides the same superior cleaning performance and durability as the virgin fibre product. It removes greasy finger marks and stubborn dirt easily without the use of chemicals.


r-MicroLife is a knitted textile microfibre cloth. The recycled cleaning cloth can be used on all kinds of surfaces and in all areas where fast and effective cleaning is required. It removes spills with its high absorbency capacity, and it has high particle pick-up through increased thickness. It is suitable for the pre-prepared method as well as for bucket and spray wiping.


SKU: EO169054
  • 100% Microfibre cleaning power
  • Up to 99.99% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces as tested at a 3rd party lab
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel awarded
  • 2 PET Bottles are re-used in 1 cloth
  • Very high particle pick-up . Absorbent, excellent for spillage
  • Superior durability up to 500 washes

* Externally Tested by an independent Laboratory on the removal of bovine coronavirus (BCoV). BCoV belongs to the family of the Coronaviridae and is member of the genus Betacoronavirus as well as the SARS-associated coronavirus, SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2.


  • r-MicroLife can be used dry, damp or wet
  • Rinse and wring the cloth until desired moisture level required for the type of application and cleaning.
  • Fold the cloth two times and wipe the surface with the closed edge in the wiping direction.
  • Change cloth side when it has become dirty and apply 8 side technique.
  • Apply colour coding to avoid cross contamination.