Australia’s climate can produce damp, humid environments that create ideal conditions for odour causing biofilm and for mould spores to grow and thrive. Poorly ventilated indoor spaces can also be a breeding ground for mould, particularly after rain or flooding.

For industries such as hospitality, processing and packaging, facilities management and healthcare, mould and biofilm can grow in spaces such as commercial kitchen coolers, washing stations or storage containers. Mould, whether it is visible or not, could pose risks to health and the structural integrity of buildings if left untreated.

TGA approved Aeris Active is an Australian developed 3 in 1 virus, bacteria and mould treatment that provides hospital-grade disinfection and mould remediation for hard surfaces. The solution targets mould and mildew and even removes surface discolouration caused by mould. 

Aeris Active can be sprayed or mopped onto hard surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, kitchen benches, or packaging stations. The solution can also be applied using specialised fine particle spraying to protect indoor spaces.


For longer-lasting protection against mould growth, Aeris Active’s patented formulation leaves behind an invisible film that attacks bacterial and fungal recolonisation, leaving treated surfaces cleaner for longer.

In addition to its mould remediation features, Aeris Active is also scientifically tested and proven to kill COVID-19 on hard surfaces in 60 seconds and protects for up to seven days. This makes it ideal for deep cleaning as well.

Tips for preventing mould on hard surfaces:

  • Keep spaces clean, dry, and well ventilated.
  • Identify where mould may be present – visible signs on surfaces or the presence of a musty or earthy smell.
  • Apply TGA approved mould fighting solutions, such as Aeris Active, to the surface.
  • Leave wet on the surface for one to 15 minutes (one minute is sufficient for Aeris Active to kill Covid-19). Check the product packaging or the Instructions for Use (IFU) for the time required for individual products.
  • Include mould remediation as part of regular cleaning and disinfection practices.