There are few places that present as many challenges, or perhaps opportunities, in moving hot and cold food than Australasia. With such a beautiful environment, who could blame fun-loving Aussies and Kiwis for expecting a hot curry or solid icecream an hour’s drive from the nearest kitchen?

As beautiful as it is, this environment can be harsh. In the midst of bushfires or floods, hot and safe food can be a necessity. As for the rest of us, snuggled safely at home and binging on the latest Netflix special, there are few things more satisfying than a home-delivered hot pizza or laksa.

When it comes to modern-day catering, Cambro is the backbone of food transport and manufactures the widest range of insulated transport equipment in the world. Ultra Pan Carriers ensure food can be safely stored and transported at hot or cold temperatures for four or more hours.

The UPCH Series, with an energy-efficient heater built right into the door, takes legendary Cambro performance to the next level. Furthermore, the Cambro Pan Carriers are rotomolded for one-piece, seamless construction ensuring unmatched durability. The units won’t bend, dent, chip or crack, and perform in the harshest of conditions.

And, whether it’s takeaway containers, pizza boxes or beverages, Cam GoBoxes are ideal for straight-to-customer deliveries. The high-tech range, made from lightweight expanded polypropylene, not only keep contents insulated but have specific features to ensure that food arrives in the same state it left the kitchen — the Pizza GoBoxes, for example, have a built-in steam-releasing vent to keep crusts crispy.