For those working in the food processing industry, knives are a vital tool of the trade. Knowing how to keep them well maintained and in good condition is a top priority. After all, knives are like any other type of tool that needs regular maintenance, and with the correct care will perform at an optimal level for longer. But what are the benefits to proper knife maintenance?

  • Save money by helping a blade last longer
  • Boost productivity by making the blade more effective
  • Increase worker safety as dull blades are dangerous
  • Offer another service to your customer to keep them coming back

As anyone in food processing quickly learns, you’re more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one. Keeping knives sharp and well maintained is important and having the right tools for knife care is key.

Sharpening Stones

Sold in various grits a high-quality sharpening stone is the good way to keep a great edge on any knife or to repair damage to any blade. The coarse side is used to sharpen, and the fine side used to refine. Sharpening stones are often used by those familiar with the method as they take some degree of skill to use, but once mastered a high-quality stone won’t set you back too much pricewise and can last years.

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Honing Steel

Honing steels, often referred to as sharpening rods, hone the edge to eliminate curling of the blade edge. From a maintenance standpoint, using a honing steel before each use of your knives re-aligns blade edges and keeps them that way. A good quality honing steel properly cared for will last any butcher twenty or more years.

Regardless of the type of sharpener you use on your knives, one of the best ways to ensure good product is by the quality of your knives. Whether a retail butcher, supermarket or fruit and vegetable processor, the display makes all the difference to how your shop, and meat, is presented. When your customer walks in, well-presented product starts with the cleanness of the cut. Designed with strength and durability, Khabin professional knives give you that sharp edge you’re looking for.