Every butcher knows that different knives are best used for different things. The knife you use for breaking down cuts of meat or trimming fat is different than the one for slicing. The knife to remove meat from bone will be different than the one used to remove skin from flesh / meat. Knowing which of your knives are used for what purpose ensures the quality of your meat. This is why you want to make sure you have the best tools for the job.


Cimetar Knives

With a wide, curved blade made to cover a larger slicing area, these knives are great for cutting large pieces of meat into retail cuts. Traditionally stiff knives with no flex, their long blades are ideal for slicing steak and schnitzels. Khabin’s Cimetar Steak Knives have fluting on the blade to allow it to easily glide through meat. Expect to remove fat in one long slice without your meat tearing.

Boning Knives

This knife features a short blade for greater control when removing meat from bone. The shape allows you to get in and around the bone where necessary giving better maneuverability. The short blade pierces meat easily and safely removes raw meat from bone. Used for boning cuts of meat, fish and poultry, the thinner blade allows you increased maneuverability when cutting around bones and sinew.

Skinning Knives

SKU: BKP0913000806.

Using a wide, curved back blade, skinning knives are specifically designed with a blunt tip to prevent puncturing of skin during the skinning process. These knives are characteristically curved backwards to allow you ease of operation.

There are many different kinds of knives that have a variety of sizes and depending on the task at hand you could use any of them on any given day. That’s why it’s important to be prepared by having a quality range of tools at the ready.

Khabin professional knives are crafted using quality X50CRm0v15 High-Carbon German stainless steel for the most demanding of butchers and meat processors. The steel gives a nice balance between ease of sharpening and edge retention. From slicing and dicing to skinning and boning, Khabin’s range of professional knives will consistently deliver you results with comfort and control.

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