At Kimberly-Clark’s Millicent Mill site in South Australia, they have reduced emissions and are working towards installing a wetland to create a safe habitat for rare and endangered birdlife species. Tree planting and various other restoration projects are also planned for the future.

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Continuing with their commitment to use Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified fibre, seen in products such as Kleenex’s multifold hand towel, they’re also working towards increasing the recycled content of all packaging – especially when it comes to plastics.

By investing and investigating new materials for products to reduce their impact on the environment, Kimberly-Clark is working to support end-of-life systems to enable recycling for materials that aren’t currently accepted by kerbside council collections.

Through innovations in their manufacturing process, as well as partnerships with a variety of environmental organisations, they hope to achieve a reduced carbon emissions goal by 2030. Seen by investing in technology and partnerships to reduce plastics throughout the supply chain and improve circularity.