According to a recent poll by Harris Interactive, 77% of consumers who encounter a dirty washroom believe that it reflects poorly on the overall business. Another 86% of customers equated the cleanliness of a washroom with the cleanliness of the business. With numbers like that, it’s important to ensure that your washroom stacks up.

When a business provides a clean and hygienic washroom with quality amenities, customers are more likely to return. Toilet paper is a big, often ignored, part of any washroom. There are a variety of different types that hold different guarantees from size, thickness, weight to total absorption and softness. Providing quality products in your washroom can encourage positive feelings in customers about your business.

When considering the Pristine range of washroom paper, what’s available to you?

SKU: PS1001.
  • Premium Toilet Paper

Made from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®-C117930) certified material, Premium Toilet Rolls provide a superior quality paper for any washroom. Individually wrapped to provide optimum hygiene, Premium Rolls are 2 ply 400 sheet to offer greater customer comfort and satisfaction in any business.

  • Recycled Toilet Paper

Good quality paper made entirely from post-consumer waste – materials recovered from manufacturing that would otherwise have turned into scrap – Pristine’s Recycled Toilet rolls offer a better solution when it comes to toilet paper. The 100% recycled 850 sheet 1 ply paper offers an alternative solution for your washroom.

  • Sugarcane Toilet Paper

A more sustainable alternative for a bathroom due to the use of recycled sugarcane pulp – which is a renewable material – Sugarcane Toilet Rolls are a soft and strong solution that help reduce reliance on unrenewable materials. Made from a virgin blend of bagasse (recycled sugarcane pulp), these rolls are 400 sheet 2 ply of soft and strong toilet paper.

Pristine’s range of toilet paper delivers you choice. From virgin FSC certified material to recycled and sugarcane – each roll is individually wrapped for additional hygiene security. Each range has an elegant design wrap so sits well within any bathroom colour palette.

Toilet paper is a critical part of our lives when it comes to hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort and the research shows that having quality products in your washroom does make a difference. Provide your customers with quality washroom paper and give them every reason to return.