Australia produces a lot of waste – nearly 70 million tonnes a year to be precise. Of that, about a third comes from the commercial and industrial sector. New Zealanders, meanwhile, discard 15.5 million tonnes of waste annually, or the equivalent of 3,200kg for every Kiwi. It’s a worrying amount of waste.

But the good news is that there are many changes your business can make to minimise its impact – even seemingly small changes such as choosing the best bin liners for your needs. How will this make a difference? Well, one big issue is that a sizable amount of waste filters through to the wrong places, with about 130,000 tonnes of Australia’s garbage ending up in waterways and oceans.

Equally, large quantities of recyclable waste make their way to landfill, rather than to dedicated processing centres, because they haven’t been sorted properly when being thrown away.

With the right bin liners – lining a well-marked set of bins – this process can be made far easier, especially for office based businesses, or those in the catering, hospitality and healthcare sectors. It’s all a question of picking the best bin liner for the job. And the Kwikmaster range of bin liners can suit every kind of waste.

That doesn’t mean avoiding the traditional heavy-duty, virgin-plastic liner that can comfortably hold just about anything. These bin liners are still crucial for businesses where durability and versatility are key – but they can be used more sparingly, and alongside others where possible. But if your business deals with food service, for instance, degradable or compostable liners are a perfect choice.

They can be used in food caddies for organic waste, which can then be composted and turned into fertiliser, thus contributing to a circular economy. As we look for more sustainable solutions across industries, using the right bin liners for the right waste is a quick and easy place to start.