Eating food has always been a multisensory activity – from the way it looks and smells to the way it tastes. That is more evident than ever in the present-day hospitality industry, where you need to consider everything from the background music to the ambient temperature when creating an unforgettable dining experience for your customers. Researchers at Oxford University have honed in on an even more fascinating detail – one that not only makes a difference to how a customer perceives their meal but also influences how much they would pay for it: the cutlery.

The food-science study, published in peer-reviewed journal Flavour, revealed that when half the diners in a 130-strong group were given heavier cutlery, they had a better overall dinner experience. They found the dish tastier, thought it was “more artistically plated”, and were willing to pay 15% more for it compared to those in the group using lighter cutlery.

This was down to a phenomenon called ‘sensation transference’, according to Charles Michel, the chef-in-residence at Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory who conducted the study. The term refers to the feeling of quality diners got from holding the heavier cutlery, which transferred to an increased
enjoyment of the food.

Scientific proof, then, that investing in good knives, forks and spoons can not only improve your customers’ experience, but also boost your bottom line. The good news: you can now buy cutlery fit for a banquet without having to spend royal amounts of cash. The Tablekraft Bogart range offers well-made, sleek, durable pieces
at a reasonable price that will feel heavy in the hand while proving light on the pocket.