Effective and efficient cleaning practices are a vital part of maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment. Making sure you have the best products for your cleaners can be the difference between the spread of a virus and a healthy workforce.  

According to the International Journal of Clinical Practice, the amount of cleaning and product usage has increased by around 60% since 2019. But what does this mean for professional cleaners and businesses? It means that we’re cleaning more often and we’re using more cleaning products – and that the overall expectations of those products have become higher. Knowing what goes into an effective and targeted cleaning chemical formula is how you can navigate to the best products that combine both quality and value for your business.

So, what should you look for in your cleaning chemicals?

Surface Sanitisers

A good surface sanitiser will kill and reduce any microorganisms across surfaces to a safe level using cationic surfactants (surface active agents) like quaternary ammonium compounds. These compounds should combine bactericidal and virucidal activity (the killing of bacteria and viruses) with strong detergency to ensure an effective general cleaning and sanitisation is occurring.


When it comes to effective disinfectants, look for the use of components that also have a strong odour control element in the formulation. Quaternary ammonium compounds formulated with surfactants, sequestering agents, water softeners and a biocide will act as a strong disinfectant – as well as a deodorizer to control any bad odours. Biocides is a chemical mixture intended to destroy, deter and exert a controlling effect on harmful organisms.


Grease often describes the build-up of an organic soil which means that it’s best removed with alkaline solutions or bio-based surfactants. The main component of an effective degreaser will be the use of an emulsifying and soil suspension agent that is also mixed with quaternary ammonium compounds. This particular formulation of chemicals makes it easier to clean floors, benches, boat decks and other hard surfaces by effectively cutting through any collections or build-up of organic matter like grease or dirt.

A clean and hygiene workplace is not only maintained by effective cleaning chemicals but also by practicing good cleaning methods. Cleaners should make sure that they’re not only wiping down surfaces with the right products, but also in the correct S-formation wipe.

Enter the new financial year the right way with the most effective chemicals that make sense for your organisation.