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Artisan butchers working with customers on the best cuts

The Australian red meat industry is a valuable part of Australia’s economy and social fabric. The red meat industry generates $A15 billion for the Australian economy and employs over 300,000 people.

Equally successful, New Zealand’s beef and lamb exports topped NZ$6.7m in 2017-18, driven by good farm-gate and strong per tonne pricing, plus the dry conditions of December 2017.

For those in the meat processor trade, the ability to quickly and efficiently handle and distribute the protein is vital to the success of the business – whether that be within the abattoir or in the butcher shop door.

Khabin, partnered with Munkfors, has led the development of bandsaw blades for the food industry – so butchers can sharpen their performance to gain a more competitive edge.

The blades easily cut through various types of fresh meat including thick bones. Choose from the range of tough high-performance blades of many different dimensions and teeth configurations. Using unique profile-grinding technology, the blades are ensured to have the sharpness to efficiently cut through any type of fresh meat.

Unique profile-grinding technology

To produce the teeth of these top-quality blades that outperform most other brands, a unique and patented profile-grinding method is used that gives:

• Sharper blades

• Cleaner cutting

• Uniform cutting geometry

• Longer blade lifetime

• Minimum downtime

• Very little material waste

Many benefits in meat processing

The design, functionality and sharpness of the blades provides business many benefits. They help to achieve cost-effective processing, a product appearance that attracts customers, and hygienic practices that minimize microbial contamination.

Other benefits are a good surface finish and increased product shelf life. Furthermore, the right cutting geometry of the blades minimises waste and helps to keep product surfaces clean.

Sawing blade technology

Khabin supplied bandsaw blades have all the properties required for the better processing of food and promoting safety in the workplace.

The design, functionality, toughness and sharpness of the bandsaw blades provide several major benefits, including:

•             Fast, clean and accurate cuts

•             Attractive food thanks to better appearance and colour retention

•             Increased product shelf life

•             Extended blade lifetime helps improve production economy

•             Promoting good hygiene by minimising microbial contamination

Bandsaw blades for fresh meat

These blades are tough high-performance bandsaw blades of different teeth configurations and are manufactured from the best strip steel available to ensure they cut easily through all types of meat, including thick bones.

Also available from the Khabin fresh meat range are high-quality skinning and boning knives.