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Hygiene and Sustainability work together with Tork's washroom products.

Handwashing has always been an essential hygiene practice in the food service industry, but the COVID-19 pandemic has truly highlighted its importance in stopping the spread of disease. Not only are health officials promoting proper handwashing standards – such as when and how long you should be washing your hands – but the World Health Organisation has also recommended thoroughly drying hands using single-use towels.

This hygiene guidance is reflected in consumer sentiment, with a global survey finding that 43 per cent of people felt unsafe entering a bathroom with air-dryers, while 72 per cent wished more facilities offered paper towels rather than air-dryers. While some consumers might be concerned about the environmental impact of single-use paper towels, professional hygiene brand Tork provides a more sustainable solution. Its locally made Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified paper hand towels are made with 63 per cent renewable energy and, rather than going to landfill, can be composted, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent. So, don’t blow it. Switch to paper towels.