Take Action With Tork


Today, people are spending more and more of their lives in environments away from home – in workplaces, hotels, schools, restaurants and airports.  To create a sustainable life away from home, organisations are embracing ways to reduce their impact on climate change, ensure ethical sourcing in procurement, reduce waste and work towards circularity.

Professional hygiene is a necessity and maintaining the health and well-being of staff and customers is crucial.  We can help you satisfy these needs without compromising on sustainability.

Tork can help you take action.

Tork is a global leader in professional hygiene, and we have high ambitions for sustainability so have integrated it at the core of our business strategy.

Our sustainability commitment is based on three areas of influence, where we think our products and services will make the largest impact.


Human rights – Our Responsible Sourcing Program was launched in 2014 and we have been working increasingly with Sedex to assess and onboard suppliers.  In 2019 we launched our Ethical Sourcing Policy, which includes an exploitation-free commitment.  75% of Tork tissue products are locally manufactured in Australia or New Zealand – both are low risk countries for modern slavery.

Education and support – Asaleo Care is committed to raising hygiene awareness and education community groups in health, hygiene and continence.  Currently reaching over 80,000 people per year.

Supporting local Iwi – We invest millions of dollars annually in geothermal steam in New Zealand through Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets (NGTA).  NGTA support the local Maori community, schools, clubs and businesses.


Circularity – Tork are working globally to ensure a sustainable future through circularity.  Through design, reduce, reuse and recycle, Tork are aiming for a zero-waste future.

Hungry bin – Hand towels, napkins and paper wipers can be composted in on-site worm bins or through commercial composting facilities.  Lifecycle analysis shows that commercial composting can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.[1]

Renewable energy – Over 65% of Tork tissue products are manufactured in New Zealand using between 63-76% renewable energy throughout the entire life cycle reducing the depletion of natural resources.

Low impact

Use less – Tork products are designed to be as efficient as possible.  Tork SmartOne® reduces toilet paper usage by up to 40% and Tork Xpressnap® reduces napkin usage by up to 25%.

Lighter footprint – Through switching to geothermal steam in our manufacturing process at our Kawerau plant, we have reduced manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions by 46%.¹

Less waste – Tork systems are designed to use less and reduce waste – some by up to 40%.  Our latest local manufacturing investment is reducing packaging by 20% or 143 tonnes per year across a large range of products.

[1] Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Tork Hand Towels S-P-00851 and Toilet Paper S-P-00852