Packaging materials must be reliable and competitive. But there is also a growing demand for sustainable solutions. Tesa® 4713 is designed to meet all three of these requirements. This high-performance packaging tape offers a good initial tack and strong adhesion even on recycled cardboard. It is temperature and humidity resistant, hand tearable, and easy to unwind.

Tesa® 4713 is an environmentally friendly solution as it is made from responsibly sourced, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified paper. This tape range has the ability to be disposed of together with any cardboard it’s attached to without disturbing the recycling process.

This means no more battling un unrecyclable tape, making the process easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

Product features
• High reliability for smooth processes
• Crepe paper backing and natural rubber adhesive
• Available in brown and white
• Printable for branding or advertising