Each year over 915 billion meters of single use plastic packaging tape end up in landfill globally, or the equivalent distance of travelling from Earth to Mars and back, twice. The new range of tesa® sustainable tapes offer the same performance of traditional plastic tapes, while supporting businesses in achieving their sustainability goals.

Finding better alternatives to plastic packaging tape sounds impossible, but tesa has made it easy. Their new range of sustainable packaging tape means that you can choose exactly how to reduce your environmental impact. From tape that’s made from a bio-based film to tape made from 100% recycled material, this range of tapes are efficient and environmentally friendly.

Product Construction
• Made with well managed, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified forests and other controlled sources
• Recyclability tested according to the INGEDE method 12 (screenability of adhesive applications)
• 100% solvent free
• Suitable for packaging applications up to 10 Kg
• Good adhesion properties on recycled board
• Available in hand rolls and machine rolls

tesa® 4713 Paper Packaging Tape

• Responsibly sourced: Made from sustainable paper
• Recycling Friendly: Supports the recycling process

• Protects the environment by only using responsibly and sustainably sourced paper.
• Supports to recycling process, by ensuring significantly more paper is able to be recycled compared to regular plastic tapes.

Tesa® 60400 Filmic Packaging Tape

• Reduced carbon footprint: 98% Bio-based content
• Lower CO2 emissions compared to standard packaging tapes

• Supports the achievement of CO2 emissions goals, with up to 20% CO2eq reduction compared to regular packaging tapes
• Made from 100% renewable corn starch to eliminate plastics and harmful solvents.

tesa® 58156 Recycled Plastic Tape

• Made from 100% recycled plastic material
• Printed “100% Recycled Plastic” logo and vibrant colouring

Reliable, high-performanceand sustainable, you get the same performance of traditional plastic tapes, while also achieving your sustainability goals.