A baby nappy is composed of a lot of different ingredients and features. One of these ingredients is fluff pulp. Fluff pulp is a plant-based cotton-like material (cellulose fibers) that creates a soft filling in the nappies. It is placed in the absorbent core where it absorbs liquid to keep your child’s skin dry.

To ensure that the fluff absorbs the liquid quickly and effectively, it is treated through a chemical process called either ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) or TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), which is also done to obtain the clean, white, and bright characteristics of the material.

Today, ECF is the most commonly used process for treating fluff pulp in the baby nappy industry. But to make their products even more eco-friendly – and as we see an increase in the demand to go completely chlorine-free – Bambo Nature have chosen to switch to TCF. From March 2021 all of their baby nappies will not only be approved by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) they will also be made with totally chlorine-free fluff pulp.

An ongoing journey

Product: Nappies Size 2 3-6KG
SKU: SA1000019252

Thinking and acting responsibly has always been a part of the Bambo Nature DNA. Offering safe and eco-friendly products while at the same time caring for nature are their top priorities. Their nappies are certified with a large number of ecolabels and made on energy-optimized machines with minimal overall energy consumption. For instance, 100% of the electricity consumption is covered by renewable energy and the fluff pulp comes from Swedish FSC-certified forests.

The implementation of totally chlorine-free fluff pulp in Bambo Nature’s baby nappies is a natural step in an ongoing journey to become even more eco-friendly and offer even better products for children.