With all the changes seen around Australia, Business Leaders are likely to have Sustainability as a high priority and would be developing sustainability strategies & KPIs.

At Kimberly-Clark Professional*, we believe that Sustainability in and out of the washroom is one of the key ways to address sustainability requirements. And, in order to support your business to drive and achieve your sustainability KPIs, consider the tips below to achieve your goals.

1. Track volume of materials used or wasted

So, you have a waste reduction program in place for your washroom — but can you report, in kilos and dollars, that those efforts are making a difference? Your waste reduction activities may benefit the environment and your bottom line, but, until you are able to measure them with accuracy, their true impact will remain unknown. As a first step toward building a sustainable washroom management strategy, we can help you calculate the amount of waste reduction that you have achieved with Kimberly-Clark Professional™ team. Contact our customer service team to book a consultation and find out how green your washrooms really are from a paper towel perspective – do they measure up?

2. Promote a sustainable code of conduct for all suppliers

Operating in compliance with environmental regulatory requirements is fundamental to managing your business.

3. Design according to Green Standards

Continuous Improvement is in our DNA and this applies to our initiatives as well, including being increasingly transparent regarding our current performance while developing a standard for predicting and preventing environmental compliance challenges and their business impacts. You can get all the details on how we’re performing in our Sustainability Report.

Is your washroom designed to reduce towel wastage? When considering which products to use for your washroom, make sure you’re making the smart choice.

Let’s use paper towels as an example. Kleenex® & Scott® branded hand towels with AIRFLEX* technology, a process that uses up to 30% less fibre, and contain ABSORBENCY POCKETS*. Designed to allow people to use fewer towels and create less waste.

4. Encourage green teams and demonstrate corporate responsibility

It’s not enough to focus only on using green products, it’s important to understand that sustainability starts from your most important assets – your employees and partners. Are employees encouraged to live green both in and out of the office? Are you creating an environment where your team is actively contributing to sustaining not just the environment but also the communities that we live in?

At Kimberly-Clark Australia our teams have helped reduce emissions by 60% since 2011.

We care about the communities where our employees live and work. Providing the essentials for a better life means more than providing innovative products, it also means giving back to our communities. Throughout the year, employees from Kimberly-Clark facilities around the world experience the joy of giving by participating in volunteer activities with local nonprofit organisations. We’re also involved in donating products to support community organisations and disaster relief victims when the need arises.

It’s your move.

Now that you know the first four basics tips in helping to develop a more sustainable washroom strategy – take the first step today. At Kimberly-Clark Professional™, we are not just committed to creating more sustainable washrooms, but a better planet on the whole.

We do not only hope to drive an even stronger emphasis on the importance of running more sustainable washrooms, we also aim to show you the opportunities you have to achieve your sustainability goals, including:

1.            Using FSC® certified products for sustainable and ethical sourcing

2.            Reducing washroom consumables usage

3.            Reducing waste and landfill

We strive to help our customers to find ways to support their sustainability strategy.