Most chefs will agree, when it comes to commercial kitchens, organisation is key. It doesn’t matter if you’re catering in a busy conference centre or a hotel, efficiency and order in the kitchen are crucial to guarantee a smooth operation and happy guests.
And when the orders roll in or the buffet breakfast needs to be replenished quickly,
that means being able to place a hand on whatever is needed in an instant.

Cambro Shelving’s Elements range offers solutions that not only work for each
individual kitchen but also guarantee universal durability. These shelves can be laid out in walk-in freezers and chillers or stacked in the heat of a commercial kitchen, able to withstand a temperature range of 125°C, from -38°C to 88°C.

Formed from a cutting-edge composite plastic material, Cambro Shelving offers a
lifetime guarantee against rust or corrosion – an essential for a unit which will be
cleaned with water and chemicals. Fortunately, the Elements range features smooth, lightweight surfaces, making cleaning quick and simple. But while its slender build also makes it easier to move around and reposition, it loses nothing in strength. In fact, it will bear more weight than most common wire shelving.

Units are available in either stationary or mobile models, with each able to hold a variety of wares — whether fresh produce or pots and pans — in different weights. All of which makes Cambro Shelving the ideal kitchen organiser.

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