If you own or run a bar, pub or club, you’re probably preparing for the busy summer season. That may mean a new lick of paint or an overhaul of the drinks menu, but one crucial area not to be missed is in ensuring you’ve got the right bar tools in place. While it can seem insignificant, quality barware can actually make all the difference to a successful service.

And at no time is the right equipment more important than when making cocktails. Mix a drink without the correct tools and all you’ll be left with is an expensive mess – and irritated customers. One bit of kit you should make sure to invest in is your strainer. Or more precisely strainers – plural – because they’re probably the pieces of equipment you’ll use most on any given night to separate out ice and other ingredients.

Swizzles and stirrers, meanwhile, may look unimportant, but they’ll help to build drinks over ice, thus enhancing flavours, and can be useful when it comes to muddling, too. And talking of which, you’ll want to add some muddlers to your shopping list as well. A citrus press can help you add that zesty tang to any drink that needs it – from a lemon drop martini to a classic whisky sour.

And finally, don’t forget to pick up all important measures and pourers. Jiggers, in particular, are small but essential bar tools, offering two different measures in the one hourglass-shaped tool. Wondering how this little contraption earned such a quirky name?

There are many theories on its origins. Some say it was coined by British Naval sailors inspired by the jiggermast sail on their ship – 18th-century sailors loved their spirits, after all. Or, some suggest it’s simply an alternative way of saying a ‘thingamajig’. Either way, Überbartools wide selection of measures are available in chrome and platinum black, bringing an eye-catching aesthetic to your bar. And most importantly they’ll help you and your staff get your spirit ratios right – thus saving time and preventing wastage during those busy summer nights.