In schools, stadiums, venue centres and healthcare facilities the cleaning process and chemicals used play a vital role in maintaining a hygienic environment. [1] With the start of the new financial year, it’s time to take stock of your chemicals and streamline your cleaning process with Ready-To-Use (RTU) chemicals and cleaning products.

What are they?

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RTU cleaning chemicals are products that are sold in a correctly diluted form. This means that after purchase, RTU chemicals can be safely applied to surfaces and used immediately as is. Often RTU products come in easily portable sized bottles for ease of use and convenience.  

What are the benefits?

Beyond allowing immediacy of cleaning, RTU chemicals provide a host of advantages in large facilities.

  • Consistency

The first big advantage for the use of RTU chemicals is consistency. Frequent checks in manufacturing processes ensure that RTU products always have the exact same formulation. RTU chemicals are an effective way to guarantee the proper dilution to clean and disinfect is being used. This is important because using more chemical than necessary on certain surfaces can oftentimes leave behind residue. This excess chemical can create a film and cause a dull or sticky surface.

  • Cost Effective

As mentioned previously, RTU chemicals guarantee the appropriate amount of dilution is used in the cleaning process. That means there can be significant cost savings when RTU chemicals are introduced as they eliminate the chance of more chemical concentrate being used than necessary.

  • Balances Efficacy and Surface Compatibility
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One of the big challenges related to disinfectant chemical products is achieving an appropriate balance between efficacy and surface compatibility. Chemical effectiveness is critical to reducing the risk of infection and spread of bacteria, but appropriate care must be taken to protect surfaces and equipment from damage as well.

  • Ease of Use & Portability

A major benefit of RTU chemicals is the ease of use of them. It takes less time to clean with a RTU chemical because there is no need to pause and dilute the formula. They come in portable bottles that are easy to carry around and typically fitted with sprayers or flip top caps to make cleaning even easier.

RTU chemicals are an effective and time-saving product when incorporated into the cleaning process. They’re an economical and easy-to-use tool for deodorizing, polishing and degreasing that makes the cleaning process easier and more efficient. RTU chemicals are a safe innovative cleaning solution across industries.