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Navigating the special needs of patients with incontinence and dermatitis

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) is a form of contact dermatitis stemming from extended contact with urine and faeces and common in those who suffer from incontinence. Approximately one-third of patients with faecal incontinence develops incontinence-associated dermatitis.

IAD is due to a combination of chemical and physical irritation of the skin. The presence of urine and faeces causes a rise in pH, which increases the permeability of the skin, affecting barrier function as well as increasing the risk of infection. Friction to the skin causes physical irritation, which results in further weakening of the skin.

How can you treat incontinence associated dermatitis?

After thorough and gentle cleansing of the skin, the application of moisture and barrier application can help to restore and protect the skin. 

Moisture and barrier application is especially vital as a part of an IAD skin care regimen:

  • Make sure the skin is completely clean and dry
  • Choose the right product according to the condition of the skin.
  • Apply the correct amount: Too much product may prevent the skin from breathing or go to waste as it is absorbed into the continence product, thus making the continence product less effective.

After applying the IAD skin care regimen, an essential part of quality continence care is making sure to use high-quality, breathable incontinence products and bed protection sheets.

Zinc Spray

Zinc spray protects and regenerates the skin, promoting a natural skin restoration for up to 24 hours. Thanks to its spray applicator, friction is minimised and the applicator also helps to prevent cross-contamination. The Zinc spray is known for its antiseptic properties and the product has been designed to help calm irritated skin. Our Zinc sprays have already proven to be excellent in promoting a healthy skin condition.

Skin Care Ointment

Abena Skin Care ointment is ideal for very dry and/or irritated skin. It’s formula helps maintain a natural moisture level of the skin. It helps to improve skin’s texture as well as to repair the skin. Skincare ointment also provides an effective barrier, making it suitable for preventing IAD(Incontinence Associated Dermatitis) and baby rash. It is also good for supporting healthy skin for those people at risk of developing IAD.

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