The fashion for homemade ceramics has exploded in recent years, with pottery classes becoming a popular pastime for many and handcrafted dishware flying off the workshop shelves. Restaurants and eateries all over Australia and New Zealand have equally bought into and driven the trend, serving exquisite, precisely made food on plates, dishes and bowls that, with their imperfect shapes and irregular glazes, appear anything but precise.

TI926020 Moda Chic plate rnd 200mm.

The downsides to using small-batch, handmade crockery in a commercial setting
are of course obvious: there’s the price to consider and the durability of the plates and
bowls. If broken, individual pieces can also be hard to replace.

Moda Porcelain from Trenton International is an organic range reminiscent of artisanal ceramic but with the benefit of commercial quality. While boasting beautiful, fluid designs and a unique finish, the range is the only one of its kind that comes with a five year edge-chip warranty

Stylish and impressive, Willow and Snow are the latest additions to the first release of Nourish, Icon, Chic and Lush. Shapes within the range have been specifically matched to best suit each colour and finish, adding an even more eclectic feel to this beautiful range.

Thanks to different reactions that occur in the production process, colour and patterns vary so no two pieces are exactly the same. And to really add spice to a dinner setting,
the colours of each piece – which range from plates to ramekins and serving dishes — are designed to be mixed and matched.

In an age where Instagram is as important as word of mouth in attracting new customers, using beautiful dinnerware that complements the food being served is vital.

As the focus continues to shift to artisanal styles and designs, to craftsmanship and the charmingly imperfect, the Moda range is the ideal mix of eye-catching, Insta-friendly aesthetics and commercial quality.