Mopping floors is a vigorous exercise that can often put great strain on the upper body. In order to lower the risk of an employee sustaining an injury when mopping, it’s vital that they are equipped with the right tools for the job. We carried out a carefully controlled comparison study at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to examine the movement risk for cleaning operatives when using different mopping techniques and products.

Controlled tests

Cleaning operatives were fitted with sensors that measured their movement and postural risk, particularly around the lower spine and shoulder areas. They were then tasked with a standard mop of a hospital room and bathroom; once using a traditional cloth head mop and bucket, and the second time using a Rubbermaid microfibre mop.

Feedback from the sensors was then collated to find which style of mop had a lower injury risk and put the body under less physical pressure, and it was the microfibre mop that was the clear winner.

Better than a traditional mop

Overall, mopping with a microfibre mop saw a 20% lower movement risk and 49% less time spent outside the preferred movement range, meaning less chance of sustaining repetitive strain or another form of injury. There was less shoulder risk to users, greater symmetry in the mopping technique, and the mop itself was closer to the body’s core than a traditional wet mop, thus reducing unnecessary movement.

The Rubbermaid microfibre mop also saw a reduction in muscle activity in the lower spine and shoulders; the areas of the body most likely to be affected by muscle strain when cleaning. To top it off, there was a 20% lower movement risk when changing a microfibre mop pad than wringing out, detaching and replacing a standard cloth mop head.

Time to switch?

Nobody wants to put their employees at risk of an injury, and cleaners are particularly susceptible to strain injuries caused by mopping. With microfibre mops such as those from Rubbermaid clearly preferable to traditional wet cloth mops, this might be the ideal time to upgrade your cleaning equipment and give employees the best mops on the market.

Equip yourself and your facility with industry-leading cleaning solutions with Rubbermaid and their Hygen disposable microfibre mop heads which provide effective cleaning with less strain on the body.

To order your Rubbermaid Hygen Kit, please contact your Bunzl Representative and find the best products for your facility.

Download the Rubbermaid Case Study flyer HERE.