Businesses that take sustainability seriously see a positive return not just in customers’ perceptions, but in revenue. A Nielsen study of attitudes across 60 countries found that 55% of consumers would pay a premium for products and services offered by environmentally and socially conscious companies.

And it’s possible to make sustainability a priority across your whole business – including with your washroom facilities.
Washrooms are among the most overlooked areas when it comes to environmentally conscious decisions, but even the simplest measures can go a long way to reducing waste.


One way to approach the issue is to use products made from a sustainable product such as sugarcane and to compost where possible. This is where Pristine’s range of tissues, slimline hand towels and toilet paper – all made from sugarcane pulp – come into their own. Sugarcane is an incredibly versatile crop: every part of the plant can be used – helping farm productivity and the environment.

The leftover fibre from the stalk (after it’s crushed to begin the process of creating sugar) is called pulp or bagasse, and it’s used to create products ranging from food packaging to tissues. These products all help to reduce overall wastage in landfills when they’re composted.

Pristine’s sugarcane range is high quality, soft and absorbent. The products are not only great for consumer use, but meet the needs of facility management in both maintenance and environmental goals.