Reducing our reliance on single-use plastics is seen as a key battle in the war on waste, as industries look for recyclable and reusable alternatives. Solutions can be difficult to come by in the hospitality and food-processing sectors, where plastics, and in particular plastic bags, are used so regularly.

KWCARRY/S carry bag re-use me small 390×200+ 100 37UM.

One answer is to opt for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bags that, due to their durability and versatility, can be reused for as long as they are viable. Available in white and blue options, Kwikmaster’s bags are hard-wearing and able to withstand moisture, making them ideal for the likes of produce stores and butchers.

Once used they can be rinsed, cleaned and repurposed, giving them the kind of longevity most bags don’t have. While kerbside recycling services generally won’t process plastic bags and other soft plastics, many recycling centres will take them, including bags made from HDPE, as will bulk waste collectors who collect from businesses.

Although Australia and New Zealand have significantly reduced single-use plastic bag
consumption, there’s much work to be done. Using sturdy, reusable bags like those from Kwikmaster could be one of the key steps in moving away from this needless waste and towards a more sustainable future in the food industry.