Uniquely designed to mix and match, Tomkin’s Zicco range of Bento Boxes offers flexible configurations for creating litter-free meals and snacks. Its separate compartments are ideal for separating food, preventing sogginess and avoiding flavours from touching. 

Perfect for eco-conscious homes and businesses, Tomkin’s Zicco Bento Boxes reduce waste by offering a modern way of delivering room service, corporate lunches, catering packs or meals on the go.

The Zicco Bento Boxes are an innovative way to prep, store and serve food. Convenient and super easy, this collection delivers meals straight from the fridge to the table.

Versatile and stackable, this clever collection stacks vertically without getting stuck, optimising kitchen storage. This contemporary range is perfect for commercial, outdoor use, and buffet display, adding variety with a mixture of sizes and colours.

Available in white-wash, black and touches of warm wood design, this collection of Zicco Bento Boxes features singular portion inserts, moulded compartments, and tray rises to stack each Bento on top comfortably. 

Crafted from 100% environmentally-friendly raw materials, Zicco Bento is non-toxic, odourless, lightweight and durable. Endlessly reusable, these bento boxes eliminates single-use plastics, reducing waste. Dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean-up, this series of bento boxes are guaranteed to stand up against the rigours of everyday commercial use.