It’s a fact: there are few things that go together as well as cheese and wine. Researchers in 2012 presented evidence that foods at the opposite end of the spectrum of taste work well together. And in 2016, scientists in France (where else?) found that eating cheese while drinking wine can improve the wine-tasting experience.

The research was centuries in the making, with wine and cheese likely served together in Europe ever since the two delicacies were first produced. In countries such as France and Italy, where particular types of wine and cheese were made in specific regions, pairings came together organically. Take beaujolais and brie, for instance, which would likely have been made in the same villages on neighbouring farms and wineries, for hundreds of years. But you don’t need to know the science or the history to realise what a potent and popular combination cheese and wine are.

Where light reds go with soft, mild cheeses, it’s maybe no surprise that rich full-bodied reds tend to pair well with more flavoursome fromage: a cabernet sauvignon with an extra sharp cheddar perhaps, or a malbec with a smoked gouda. And for real indulgence, it always pays to break out the tawny port after dinner and enjoy a nice slow tipple paired with something a little tangier, such as a stilton or gorgonzola.

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