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A warm sunny day is a blessing. It’s the perfect excuse for a picnic with friends and family. And is always something to look forward to. Menus planned with treats for all.

Greetings, laughter and chatter as friends come together and news is shared. The children are running and squealing and already playing tag. Beneath the shady trees a delicious spread of cheese, fresh fruits, bread, meats, pickles and dips are laid out.  It’s a mouth-watering display of multi-cultural cuisines, reflecting this friendship circle.

As the men break away to discuss football, work, their latest home project, the mothers kick off their shoes and stretch out on picnic blankets. The children spy the food and start to circle. Like seagulls, closer and louder as they’re drawn in, young marauders with intent.

And then they swoop – these day-dream pirates, wide-eyed, hungry and ready to feast. They reach in, looting gleefully with sticky fingers, touching and grabbing at the masterpieces so lovingly prepared and carefully displayed. Their unfiltered excitement is infectious, and the adults are patient, as only a parent can be.

“It’s miiiine!” the last cup cake is snatched; the little raiders have had their fill and are scattering as quickly as they arrived. Off to play and run, energised by the feast.

Replenish the table, rebuild the meal, relax. It’s the adult’s time. To enjoy the park, the day, each other’s company. A gentle breeze and easy laughter. . . this is community.

Yes, it’s the Antipodean cliché, and an experience enjoyed and loved in local parks every weekend.