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Hygienic solutions for busy cleaners

Powerful single use wipe for unrivalled hygienic cleaning

MicronSolo single use microfibre wipe introduces a new era in hygienic cleaning. Intelligently developed material results in superior properties bringing unrivalled hygienic results to healthcare cleaning. MicronSolo is the ideal solution wherever the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness are required, for example in operating theatres and patient rooms.

Unique performance for a clean advantage

MicronSolo consists of a unique combination of individual super fine microfibres and highly absorbent viscose fibres. Vileda Professional Micron Fibre Technology provides the finest split microfibres on the market. Compared to ordinary fibres, each Micron Fibre has been split into 32 segments resulting in MicronSolo achieving a deeper, more effective cleaning result. Thanks to the highly absorbent viscose fibres, any spillage can be removed quickly and easily. MicronSolo can pick up and hold 40 % more water compared to ordinary microfibre wipes.

Hygiene when you need it the most

MicronSolo is the ideal choice for maximum contamination control.  Thanks to state-of-the-art microfibre technology, MicronSolo removes 99.9 % of bacteria and 99.51% virus removal from surfaces without the use of disinfectants.

Hygienic solutions for busy cleaners

Less effort, better results

MicronSolo is efficient saving you time, effort and offering considerable cost in use savings. With 100% microfibre cleaning performance, difficult dirt such as fatty stains or fingerprints can be removed with one easy wiping movement. Single use wipes bring several benefits to your cleaning process. Discarding each wipe after use reduces the risk of cross-contamination and enhances infection control procedures. Now you no longer need to worry about adding highly contaminated cloths to the washing process. Rest assured MicronSolo will maximize safety and hygiene at your site.

Higher performance, no hassle

Vileda Professional has developed MicronSolo to help you reach a higher level of hygiene and cleanliness. It’s ideal for the bucket and spray method and offers a range of advantages for daily cleaning:

  • 99.9 % of bacteria and germs are removed from surfaces, without disinfectants (certified by an independent institute)
  • 100 % microfibre cleaning performance
  • High water absorbency for enhanced spill pick-up properties
  • Streak-free cleaning on shiny surfaces
  • Extremely low linting
  • High tear-resistance